Glass, Mirror and Tub products

Glass Products

At Five Star Glass & Mirror we can do just about anything you desire with glass. After all, it is in our name! From glass table tops and shelving to residential and commercial glazing we can accommodate any glass need, both functional and decorative.

  • Glass Table Tops

    A variety of glass table tops including, dining room tables, end tables, accent tables, glass tops for office furniture or coffee tables.

    Four different sizes of thickness: 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”, 3/4” along with a choice of polished edge or beveled edge.

  • Decorative Glass

    The use of decorative glass can be used in cabinet doors including the kitchen area or butler area. Choose from clear to an unlimited number of patterns and designs.

  • Glass Shelving

    The use of glass shelving can be used anywhere in your home to display your special statues or trophies. Common areas are the bathroom, study and inside cabinets.

  • Ice Edge

    A decorative edge used on a variety of products that resembles the peaks of the Rockies. Each ice edge is unique and no two patterns are the same.

    Ice Edge can be used on the 3/8” frameless shower door, deck glass, mirrors, sofa tables, end tables, and accent tables.

  • Glass for Deck and Stair Railing

    Glass partitions for outside decks and stairways. These glass partitions meet all safety requirements and are available in 3/8” or 1/2” tempered glass.

  • Office Partition Walls

    Partition walls provide privacy along with a professional look in any office suite.

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